braising lamb shanks

Last year I told myself that I needed to make better choices when it comes to my families food, where it comes from, how far is it coming and how it’s processed.

Costco is a love-hate store.  I  love the deals, I hate the amount of food you have to get.  Boxes of fruit that doesn’t really even look good. When I looked at where there produce was coming from, I realized I can get fresh greens from right here in town from local farmer.  Then I looked at our meat products, still a great deal on prices and we can freeze meat.

Well my thoughts on this are changing.  I discovered Swinery Meats last week.  A local butcher in West Seattle.  I ran across their blog and they had just posted –

Tuesday: Recipe Tester Day! Recipe club testers get 30% off on shanks (lamb, veal, or even goat) to make a springy version of Osso Bucco. Stop by and give it a try!

ummmm ok…

The smell of the braised lamb shanks, filled my house with goodness.  The recipe came with a Risotto recipe, I made mashed potatoes it seemed more like comfort food.

My twelve-year-old said she only wanted salad and mashed potatoes.  I don’t like to force food on my kids, I did tell her she should at least try it.

I could not believe how tender and absolutely yummy this lamb was, it didn’t even taste like lamb.  While my husband and I are just making yummy sounds at the dinner table, my daughter all of a sudden gets up and goes to the kitchen with her plate.  I am going to try it.  I was so happy when I looked over and she said with a little grin – taste like pork.

You can really taste the difference in a good piece of meat.  As my husband was licking his fingers he said ” if we cut back on our meat consumption we could afford shopping there” .   He was right it was spendy, if we didn’t get that 30% off it would have been a spendy meal for our family.   So do we cut back on how many time we actually eat meat and when we do only eat really good meat.  I say YES.


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