Hodgepodge: noun  A heterogeneous mixture. That’s our dinner table in a nut shell.

I love to cook, eat and read about food.

My husband that will eat about anything, but he loves  meat and food with meat in it,  preferable pork. My twelve-year-old daughter enjoys her carbs, pasta, bread, potatoes.  My 16-year-old daughter decided 2 years ago she was not going to eat meat, Teens!  Me I like it all, yet about a year ago found out  that I can’t eat wheat, and ever since my first daughter was born can’t eat shellfish.

So what is a mom suppose to make for dinner??????  Be creative. I am starting this blog, mainly to keep track of some of the great things I have come up with and the not so good.

I don’t believe in making everyone their own meal nor do I want to.  I guess I get that from my mom who always said “you will eat what I make and like it or don’t eat“.  At the time I thought what a mean mom,  now I see that she was being realistic, making one meal is time-consuming, making 4 is just crazy.

My parents were original hippies.  We never had sugar in the house, mom canned good, made her own granola and we ate vegetable that we grew and picked.  I thought my life sucked.  Now I crave it, processed food is just not good.  My mom wise before her time, she is  my hero.